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  • Tips and advice needed

    Hi. i'm looking for some good cardio time interval training and combat based exercises. and what is the minimum and maximum time for exercise

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    I'd say go here and filter out HIIT and combat. Just check both the boxes on the right and hit filter. Maximum is until you have to stop, minimum is until you break a sweat IMO.


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      Each workout has a level 1, 2, 3. Level 1 is the minimum time and level 3 is the maximum time for that workout.

      If you need to do more training in one day, you can add in a Daily Dare, a Challenge, or another workout of a different type.


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        From my experience, most DAREBEE workouts take around half an hour, depending on difficulty, level (obviously 7 sets will take more than twice what it takes to do 3...) but on lvl 1, most things take just over half an hour.
        Good luck!


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          What workout do you guys recommend if you have two 4 lb dumbbells?


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            Why don't you give the Combat HIIT program a try?

            As for the heavy are they for you? If they're relatively light a dumbbell-based workout or program won't be very beneficial. If they're light enough, you could hold them while punching in the combat workouts (I'd probably have to do that with 1-2 pound dumbbells but everyone's different.)