A couple of questions about the Powerhouse workout

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    A couple of questions about the Powerhouse workout

    So, being the happy owner of a new home-made sandbag, I'd really like to give this workout a try:

    My questions are about the transitions between some of the moves.

    - Between moves 2 and 3, are you really supposed to put the bag down after the deadlift, then lift it again to throw it up in the air and catch it? Or should you just use the momentum of the deadlift to throw it?

    - After move 4 (the 20 steps), do you also have to put the bag down before throwing it overhead?

    - After move 6, is there a specific way you should put the bag down before starting over? Like, do an overhead press, then squat to put it down? Or would dropping it to the floor work just as well (providing the bag can take it and you neighbours downstairs are very understanding people)?

    neilarey, I guess you're the most qualified to answer, but of course, all help is welcome.


    1) yes, yes you do - it's an additional squat.
    2) yes
    3) you drop it again, yes, so you can do the push-up

    I used to do this workout twice a week in summer 2015. I did it outside so I could really slam it, hard. I suppose if slamming the bag against the floor is an issue (for your neighbours that is) you can gently lower it down instead It'll work.

    I hope this helps!


      All right, thank you so much! It helps indeed.

      And yeah, as much as I'd like to slam that thing hard on the floor after each sequence, I guess, if I want to be able to use it for a little while (it's a home-made version, after all), and if I don't want the neighbours to call the police, lowering it nice and easy will do the trick just fine.


        Just to be clear, all 6 moves times 10 makes a set?


          Gandhalfit, that's right.


            Tnx Redline