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    How to count reps?
    In DAREBEE workouts, unless specified otherwise, it's always a total. So, for example, 20 climbers = 10 per leg.

    Where are the rest days?
    There are no days off in the DAREBEE programs, instead we implement active rest days where you work at lower intensity recovering on the fly. It is especially helpful if you are in the beginning of your fitness journey and haven't forged an exercise habit yet. It is a lot harder to get back to training after a break so lighter days instead don't just help you recover faster but also keep you on track.

    Should I continue the program or start over?
    Sometimes you have no choice, life happens, and you do take a day or two off. Should you continue the program where you left it or start over? If you were in the beginning of the program and you were only a few days in then starting over will be a good choice. If you were in the middle or even at the end then you can just pick it up again. If you missed over a week and haven't done any training during that time then you should go back to the beginning.

    What does the "X" mean?
    Sometimes you come across exercises with an "X" at the front instead of the number of reps. If you look in the description, you'll find a reference there. X stands for the x-number of repetitions for your level. The number will vary depending on the level you are doing the workout at (I, II or III).

    Theme Weeks, can I do them after the event?
    Yes. You can do them any time and then claim the appropriate badge. All themed weeks and the corresponding routines can be found here.

    How do I save my progress?
    Unlike the Hive, the main website with all of the workouts and programs does not require a sign-up or having any kind of account in order to use it. We utilize browser cookies to help you track your progress in programs and challenges. You would have to stay on the same device & browser for the progress to save and make sure your cookies are enabled - on rare occasions they are not and you need to enable them for the progress to be saved.

    This may change at a later date.

    How to I track Daily Dares ( DDs)?
    You can track them using our tracker here. A shortcut to it is to add: /dd after the darebee website address and it'll take you straight there.

    Can I change my username?
    PM neilarey

    ...to be continued.
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    I second DrShellgon .
    Great idea neilarey !!!


      Great idea!


        This is an awesome master list, thanks neilarey


          I vote this thread should be added to the list somewhere: http://darebee.com/hive/chat/221434-...l-arts-at-home

          It's actually a really interesting question that I've seen pop up a couple times and has had different, but correct, opinions depending on the exact nature of what is being accomplished.

          I know I've seen at least three threads during my time here, and was something I was debating personally in my head prior to really getting into kicking workouts and being able to throw high kicks on the basic ones now, despite starting out completely unable to do a kick at all almost.


            This is a very cool post for beginners, good job guys.


              Why there isn't any Cyclist's programs ??


                hello, i'm new in here..in this "fitness" world. i wanna ask, did i must do it completely in one set? for example in 1 set, i do all the movement from number one till end. OR first is number 1 five sets, and then number 2 five sets and so on?

                sorry for the grammar, and thanks


                  For this particular workout out you do:
                  5 of the first exercise
                  --2mins rest
                  next exercise
                  --2 mins rest

                  After you have done all six, wait 20 secs to complete a set.


                    Sorry EmperorIoannes but this is wrong,

                    you should do exercice 1 then 20 secs rest, then exercice 1 again, repeat 3 to 5 times depending on your level then 2 mins rest and then go to exercice 2.


                      Originally posted by Ryuji View Post
                      Sorry EmperorIoannes but this is wrong,

                      you should do exercice 1 then 20 secs rest, then exercice 1 again, repeat 3 to 5 times depending on your level then 2 mins rest and then go to exercice 2.
                      That is exactly what I had in mind but I probably wrote it up wrong.
                      Thanks for the correction <3


                        Kajooz and kokoachoco ... and welcome to The Hive, the Social side of DareBee.
                        There are a dozen or more bicycle-related posts, in The Hive. There are over 100 Workouts that might help your bicycle riding, none that require the use of a bicycle.
                        As for the "grammar" question ... we pretty much assume ESL (English as a Second Language) is standard. Makes things less complicated.
                        Most of us are ... fallible ... and only my spell checker keeps me - mostly - in check.


                          Day 55 Hero's Journey. Anyone know what Level 2 (repeat once) and 3 (twice in one day) mean? I don't know why I am confused by this but I am.


                            I'll try to rephrase it:

                            Level 1 - spread reps throughout the day
                            Level 2 - do one set (in one go)
                            Level 3 - do two sets (can be two different sessions)

                            Does this make more sense?


                              Just doing some scouting ahead here.
                              Iron Born, Day 8
                              First exercise says Elbow Planks. Then there is a rep count and also a the picture of the dude has a leg raised.

                              Is the rep count representative of time, or is the rep count representative of how many times one should take their foot off the ground?



                              Also pops up on day 16.