Best HIIT & Weightlifting Schedule?

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    Best HIIT & Weightlifting Schedule?

    Hello Everyone! I'm trying to determine the best weekly schedule for HIIT and weight training. I am part of a boot camp program that combines HIIT and strength training sessions (45 min sessions) and I want to increase my weight training at the gym. What is the best weekly schedule for combining HIIT and strength training? Does anyone do HIIT and lifting in the same day? I want to build muscle and I love HIIT, but don't want to overtrain risking injury and/or preventing muscle gains. What has worked for you? Any input is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    Hi The Houserest ,

    you might want to take a look at the Training Plans , maybe you'll find something that suites your schedule and goals

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      Hey there @Houserest

      I've done strength training and HIIT in the same workout before many times with no injury. I trained with an personal trainer who is ex-military and he would start me off with strength training on cables and freeweights and bodyweight and finish with HIIT. That was twice a week for most of the semester. I did experience gains, even though I didn't notice right away. I came home for the summer and one of my family members said I look more built than before. Another time I trained on my own and kept with the same regimen, strength training and then HIIT on a stationary bike and actually built up my respiratory endurance despite having asthma. I don't think I was doing the strength bit right though, although I did manage to make a few gains with bench pressing freeweights. I tried doing HIIT on the elliptical but that didn't do me any good. And most gains I made in strength was heavy lifting with freeweights although I was only doing that by itself. I haven't had an opportunity yet to pair that with HIIT.


        Is there any chance i can get a copy of your workout Brontus


          Johnsmith, sure.

          My heavy lifting routine goes thusly: (the purpose of this routine was to increase muscle density and as a result muscular strength of my upper body)

          3 sets of 4 reps Overhand Barbell Row
          3 sets of 4 reps Underhand Barbell Row
          3 sets of 4 reps Bench Press
          3 sets of 10 reps Shoulder Press
          *I can't remember if I did deadlifts with this one, but if I did it was 3 sets of 4 reps

          All I did for the HIIT was use the preprogramed Interval training settings on the stationary bike and set it for 20 minutes.

          The routine I did with my trainer changed every day, but the cool down was always an ab exercise. One of the exercises I did was a cable row on a universal weight machine. The first set was 12 reps at 10.5 kg and the second set was 12 reps of 12.5 kg. And that was the general format of the exercises--increasing the weight incrementaly over two sets.