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Can anyone tell the best chest exercises??

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    Can anyone tell the best chest exercises??

    I notice that inspite of working hard on my chest, the results are not as they should be after two months (although there is a difference). I'm also doing the 30 Day Upper Body challenge and most of the difference is in the shoulders.

    So please any recommendations are welcome.

    Deepansh27 you might want to take a look at these two articles:

    What muscles do and how to train them
    Muscle Map

    Just a little tip for your Challenge: make sure you maintain proper form, especially on the push ups. Go all the way down and all the way up in order to contract your chest properly. If you just bang out those push ups with reduced range of motion your chest won't get as much contraction and therefore will not get the full benefit.


      Thanks TheRaven for the helpful article, as always you were of great help.



        Two months of training isn't a lot of time I've been nearly working out for two years and my chest is really one of my strongest bodyparts both strengh wise and in looks. But for most people you can only recognise some signifficant change after 3 months to a half year. Building muscle is a slow process so don't get discouraged if you are not noticing results as fast as you would like to. But for building your chest I highly reccomend doing dips between parallel bars, to target more of your chest you should lean more forward and go as low as possible so you really feel a good stretch in your chest, then go up but don't fully lock your elbows out because that will only work your triceps so keep the tension on your chest.

        another great chest exercise is decline push ups. If you elevate your feet on a higher surface the pushups will: 1 get a little bit harder, 2 it will activate more of your upper chest. Don't make the mistake I made and neglect your upper chest it took me half a year too correct the muscle inbalance and it is still not yet at wehere I want it to be. pike push ups also work great for developing your upper chest so you should really check that exercise out.

        My last tip is, don't stick to much with ordinary pushups after a while they won't work as much anymore. I rarely do normal pushups in my routines I always switch it up, mostly with decline push ups, claping pus hups, for the explosive power and archer push ups wich is also awesome for both your tricep and chest.


          If you can get hold of weights (bar or dumbbell) do all the benches (incline, flat, decline) and if you can get in a pool do the butterfly stroke. My chest is a product of years of that followed by weights. It will help make your chest and back larger while still burning all the calories but yes unfortunately you will need time but you will get there.


            @StanTingen thanks. I'll be doing the decline pushups and dips starting tomorrow.

            Azercord, I do all of those along with dumbell press, chest expansions and pullovers.


              Deepansh27, No one belives this, 'cause it's so boring, but it's the incline bench press. TRUST ME.



                push-ups on 3 chairs.
                Click image for larger version

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