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YouTube, Instagram, and other social media problems

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    YouTube, Instagram, and other social media problems

    BlackButler and neilarey Apologies in advance if the tone of this comes off as direct.

    I LOVE that Darebee is on social media but the key to success on social media is consistency and unfortunately Darebee is very inconsistent. I understand that Darebee is not your full-time job but not consistently posting to social media is a significant setback for Darebee's growth. I've used Darebee on and off for the last few years and have donated many times but I feel like now is the time to see Darebee grow. Yes, it's a lot of work to post to various social media sites but there are websites and programs that allow you to post to various social media sites and schedule your posts in advance. It's still a lot of work but can help streamline the process. Health and wellness is a huge space for content creators and the folks at Darebee should put significantly more energy and time into being content creators around fitness, health, and wellness. If Darebee wants to grow its user base and its funding then IT MUST CONSISTENTLY POST TO SOCIAL MEDIA. A few suggestions:

    YouTube = The last video post was 2 months ago. Create and upload all Darebee workouts, programs, and nutritional advice. Incorporate ads into the videos so that you can recoup funding.
    Instagram = The last post was on February 26. Create content focusing on workouts, nutrition, and other health and wellness topics. Besides photo uploads, you should also create Reels.
    Facebook = You're consistently uploading daily workout charts but nothing else. Link your Instagram to your Facebook page. Create more content.
    Reddit = It does not appear that you consistently post or interact with this page. Do better
    Tik Tok = Looks like you posted 4 videos throughout February 2021. Do better.

    Darebee is the epitome of how being consistent and doing the small things lead to big noticeable changes. Apply this same fitness philosophy to your social media presence. Here are a few links and blogs that may help:Happy to help in any way I can. Looking forward to seeing improvements!

    Hey bud well since my instagram has been hacked I have created a new account (@crossfitgollum) for myself and trying to give it a proper go on instagram working on some fun content


      BlackButler I'm talking about the Darebee social channels, not your personal accounts.