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A few individual workout questions

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    A few individual workout questions

    Hi all! First, I just want to say thank you to the Darebee team that keeps this fantastic resource running so well. Really, you are the best.

    And with any site so diversified, there are bound to be small items that slip through the cracks. Here a few that I've noticed (Sorry if these have been addressed before):

    The "Power" workout is labeled Upper-Body focus when it also prominently includes squats in its circuit. Would it be appropriate to label it Full-Body focus?

    The "Level Up abs" workout is designated a Level 3 workout on its page, but filters into Level 4 workouts in the workout filter.

    The "I am Wrath" workout features pull-ups, but is not included on the workout filter of Level 4 pull-up bar workouts.

    Again, all these are just slight issues of context and maybe even semantics. I use the site enough to know how to go around them, but just in case they would be helpful to somebody else, I thought I'd bring them up here.

    Keep up the great work!!