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Body Patch+ workout wrong descritption

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    Body Patch+ workout wrong descritption

    Body Patch+

    Body Patch+ is a full bodyweight high-performance workout that is designed to help you develop strength, core stability and dense, powerful muscles. The exercises are performed in their fullest range of movement with punches utilizing full body movement behind them for extra strength and power. You will need two sets of weights. A heavy set for lunges and push-up shoulder taps (usually between 10-15 kgs) and a light one for punches (usually between 1- 3 kg). The load on the muscles is designed to activate contractile muscle tissue growth and create more neurons per muscle fiber resulting in greater strength and speed.
    Extra Credit: Use the same set of heavy weights for lunges and push-up shoulder taps.
    Push-up shoulder taps are push-up + renegade rows, aren't they?

    To achieve EC I can use the light weights for the punches, right?
    Only the lunges and push-up + renegade rows should be done with the heavy weights.