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2020 Advent Calendar

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  • neilarey
    Hi Trailblazer_Rodgers and thank you for the feedback! We discussed your request in the HQ and we agreed that we should modify the page and remove the reference for everyone. Does the current version work for you?
    In regards to individual workouts, the only way is to link directly to posters or include them in your own docs (we allow that for PE so long as our copyright remains intact). We also have G-rated version of DAREBEE developed specifically for PE, it has fewer workouts, though:

    DAREBEE website is used in over 1000 classrooms all over the world daily this year and that's just live lessons. We keep that in mind every time we post anything new or update the website. We adjust, just like everyone else these days

    I hope this helps

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  • Trailblazer_Rodgers
    started a topic 2020 Advent Calendar

    2020 Advent Calendar

    First, I love this calendar! I am an elementary physical education teacher and our kiddos love your workouts! I am creating a Winter Wellness Virtual Classroom for the students. Is it possible to just get a link to the actual calendar. We are not allowed to have specific references to Christmas, so though I love the explanation for myself... being able to just hyperlink the actual calendar would be very helpful. Also, it is always best to link students to a single activity and not necessarily a whole website. Keep up the great work!