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"30 days of Meditation" program

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    "30 days of Meditation" program


    I would love a "30 days of Meditation" program.

    I know there is a 30 days Meditation Challenge, but a "program" seems quite suitable to the goal of getting to a good base level, and implementing a comprehensive regular meditative practice, which could also replace the need to use/subscribe to an additional (and often costly) service, which often comes with a lot of commercial/technical unnecessary distractions.

    The following meditative practices could fit well in such program:

    - Breathing exercises: 4i-6e, 4i-2h-4e, 5i-5e, 4i-4h-4e-4h, 4i-2e, 4i-7e-8h = seconds of inhale-hold-exhale-hold
    - Mindfulness of the breath (not controlled breathing, just mindfully following the ins and out of the breath)
    - Mindfulness of the sensations or body scan
    - Mindfulness of walking
    - etc...

    As other Darebee programs, this would be progressive and there could be an additional "30 days of [more] Meditation"
    Looking at the timers you have for the Yoga workouts, this seems technically doable.

    And many thanks for the amazing project.