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Resistance Band Workouts

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    Resistance Band Workouts

    My whole family has been using Darebee for years, and we are regular supporters. I would love to see a resistance band program, or even just a few resistance band workout options.

    Hi ! You can add resistance band to various single Workouts , it depends on the band which you have and it usually comes with a description .

    Basically bands can substitute dumbbells training or make it harder f.e. push ups,squats etc..

    Darebee team is doing awesome job and they may do something more with bands when appropriate.

    So far there is one workout BAND IT

    Welcome in the Hive!


      Miss Dada - I agree that Darebee team is doing an awesome job! What they offer is surpassed by none - I rave about them to anyone who will listen!

      Thanks for your suggestions - I will try adding bands to a workout and see how it goes!


        Have a look at James Grage, not Darebee (he has his own brand of bands, a store...), but maybe you find some stuff inspiring.


          Thanks Andi64! I checked him out - do you think he only uses bands? He is very muscular.


            Very thick resistance bands and a ton of creatine maybe. Just guessing.


              ButterflyBird Hi again

              A few days ago I did a training with Sydney Cummings, not Darebee, she has a few great workout with bands! It shows 37 !

              Take a look! Here is a link

              I hope you find what you are looking for😊 I use usually mini bands for glutes and thights training.


                I've been on board for a resistance band program/workout for ages. Bands are rather cheap to get, super portable, very space effective and thus extremely accessible.

                However I think a band program would take a while to develop. Ironborn still is the only weight lifting program.