A year ago, i got feed up with all my back pains. Started eating better. No fat, no sugar, and exercises. I was doing the best i can with what i had. Training hard but way to hard. Aching everywhere and had to stop 3 to 4 days to go back at it again. Got alot of muscle sprains. Looking through the internet, i fell on darebee. Looking through the site and said "why not give it a try". Started the iron born programme. Great. It has diffent body parts exercise every day. Start slow then as the days go by it gets a little more intense. It's the third 30 days that i started. Everytime i restart, i added 2 reps to each sets and add more weight. I also started total abs, core strengh, back and core and just started xpress tone witch i do when i'm not working cause it is very intense and i do my training first thing in the morning. It's been 3 months now that i do darebee programs and eat better with the meal plans and all. I lost 55pds. I'm cut and workibg my abs and core just got me going and working harder everyday. Thanks to good quality programms, my back feels better and stronger everyday. I get better sleep and the energie through out the dat. Wow. I recommend it alot.