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Darebee and Canvas

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    Darebee and Canvas

    I have been trying to find an easy way for students to keep track of their workouts through Canvas (a virtual learning platform). I reached out to Canvas tech for help and they did not have any suggestions. They did ask if I knew of anyone that they could partner with because it was a promising idea. I recommended Darbee because your workouts have been very helpful with virtual physical education this far and you already have a few apps available. They said that they would reach out to you and see if you would be interested in a partnership.

    An extremely helpful format for the classroom workout tracking app would be: students have access to a streamlined workout tracking log that utilized your workout/exercise cards. After the workout, students could enter the exercises that they performed, set, reps, etc into the app. After the workout was entered into the application the information could be imported into a spreadsheet so that each individual student and the teacher could monitor student progress on their goals.

    If you would be willing to partner with Canvas and be able to develop a similar app, it will be very helpful for physical education in a virtual classroom.

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