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Need a workout plan

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    Need a workout plan

    Please guide me in planning a workout.

    Hi Sanjeev this ist the Feedback/Suggestions/Bugs section of the Hive, Your question would be better at home at Help Desk.
    So let's see:
    A good place to start is the manual.
    Then the fitness test gives you an overall idea how you fit in the programs/workouts.
    And finally here is How to pick a program.
    The best program is the one you start today.

    There are 1400+ workouts in the database, but there is a filter to help you find the ones that suit your fitness level and what part of the body you want to train.
    Have a look into the nutrition section esp. the article on protein.
    Take it easy, start slow and find a sustainable routine that fits your lifestyle/schedule.

    If you want to make your own training plan here are some templates, fill them with the workouts according to your needs.

    If you are happy, do not forget to show some love to the makers of this fine resource.
    Good luck