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  • Saving Favourites to Profile

    Look, I'm new. I may be making a complete a** of myself by suggesting this. (Not too unusual).

    So here goes nothing:

    It would be good to have a feature where we could save our favourite exercises and the challenges we're currently working on for easier access.
    Otherwise, I have to create a Post feed to keep track of exercises I'm currently working on/using.

    Anyway, if this feature already does exist and I have made a complete and utter fool of myself, well, anyone mind pointing a noob in the right direction?

    The features you described (storing of favourites in the profile, making folders with workouts ...) were part of this site until they were exploited in a hack and then abandoned.
    So it's back to Excel sheets, good old paper or whatever you fancy.


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      Ah, damn. Good to know!
      Thanks, Andi64.