I have been using this site for years (way back into the time when it was still neilarey.com) and I have to say that you are doing a tremendous job here, thank you for that. I have two suggestions about workout search:
- would it be possible to add something like 'office workout' tag? I use '100 office workouts' a lot at work and it would be more convenient to me (and probably many other people) to e.g. be able to search for cardio office workout or yoga office workout. I think now the only option is just open the PDF file
- about 'Random' option on search: would it be possible to get a random workout just from a narrowed down set of workouts? E.g. choosing 'HIIT / interval training' and 'normal' and clicking 'Random' would choose only from normal difficulty and HIIT type (now it still chooses from all of the workouts).