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Cardio-Trim (achievement to unlock, day 18)

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    Cardio-Trim (achievement to unlock, day 18)

    Hi, Bees

    Last day I've done the 18th day of Cardio-Trim and realized that one achievement was "1 extra set of the circuit"... But there is no circuit on this day
    I tried to do "1 extra set of Upper body"

    but after I think that some times when it has push-ups, the achievement is "double the push-ups"...

    so...what was the 3rd achievement on this day?

    Click image for larger version

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    Would it be performing Part II 8 times instead of 7?


      I think both of you are right: the third achievement is probably intended as doing 1 extra set in part 2.

      That is the only way I see it making sense: it follows after the second achievement, which relates to the rest time between sets in part 2.

      That said, if someone wanted to do another set of part 1 (30 high knees/2 jump-tucks x 15 times, w/o stopping), that would definitely be an incredible achievement!


        so, I tried to do 8 sets...but I couldn't handle it.... hahahahah I've done until 4th (well... 3 sets +1)

        Thanks LizardFriend95 and Shikari


          danilojromero I think that counts as Level I with Achievement 3 unlocked (3+1) if you unlocked the other 2 als well, I guess. It did not say make 8 sets.