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A suggestion for the future - Sandbag centered 30 day program

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  • BravoLimaPoppa3
    No, thank you Damer All I can ask is that you consider it.
    Given the price of my sandbag vs. kettlebells, I'd put it ahead of the kettlebell program (if possible).

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  • Damer
    Thank you BravoLimaPoppa3 I have put this in our ideas bank to be looked at.

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  • A suggestion for the future - Sandbag centered 30 day program

    After my unofficial sandbag week and working my way through day 18 of Military Fit Plus, I'm beginning to see the appeal of these shifty, heavy things.
    So much so I think a 30 day program with one could be of interest. Especially if you include some tips on how to make your own (pretty low cost and fits with Darebee's fitness is a right for everyone ethic). I've seen plans from using an old inner tube, a duffle bag (my preferred one) to just taping up a garbage bag with a lot of duct tape. Holler if you want links or examples.
    And at this point, I'm pondering doing Ironborn with a sandbag (Sandborn? Sandblast?) or redoing Military Plus with only a sandbag and a pull up bar and seeing what happens.
    I know it takes time to develop, test and refine a program so I'll just leave this here for now and hope our good hosts ( neilarey Damer ) and take a look and give it some thought.
    Thanks again! I really appreciate you and hope this sparks some thought.