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Possible incorrect grading of workouts

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    Possible incorrect grading of workouts

    I think there might be an issue with the grading/difficulty levels for Cardio Fix and All Out.

    They are essentially the same workout but with a difference in repetitions (and a very very slight variation in one of the hopping exercises, but the difficulty levels seem to be incorrect: Cardio Fix has double the repetitions with a Difficulty Level of 1 and All Out has half the repetitions but with a Difficulty level of 3?

    Apologies if there's more to it than that, but I can't understand the reasoning?

    I can only assume, but as 'single leg hops' are more complex to do than 'side to side hops'.

    The difficulty of the workouts are more likely based on complexity of the movement, than they are on grade of the fitness level. Therefore the different levels of execution exist...

    Maybe neilarey or Damer can help...


      HellYeah thank you for the ping here. KiwiChiki the difficulty of every workout is based on an assessment of kinetic complexity, the muscles recruited with each movement and the metabolic and mechanical load those muscles will face as we progress from set 1 to set 3 and, maybe on to set 7. Cardio Fix is light and fast and even at its fastest and hardest it delivers a mostly metabolic load on the muscles and an aerobic load on the lungs. All Out is, on the surface, virtually identical yet the requirement that each leg takes the entire weight of the body x 3 (which is the minimum mechanical load for single leg hops) again and again, places a mechanical load on the calves, ankles and glutes that soon begins to tell. Hence the level of difficulty. I hope this helps.


        I knew I mustn't be understanding the complexity of the moves - makes complete sense for the ratings now!

        Thank you Damer and HellYeah for clarifying it.

        And it's helped me decide which workout to chose, Cardio Fix it is for me! My legs aren't strong enough yet for the repetitive single leg hops in All Out.