Hi All,
Just logged in to point something I noticed while doing the Sandbag Collection of workouts.
Namely, in 'Bag and Tag', in the middle of top row exercise, the label says 'Deadlift' but it is really a back-loaded Good Morning. I checked with some others in the Military Fit programme, and the deadlift with a sandbag is correctly shown there.
Also, the third exerise (top row, right-most pic) in 'Power House', which is labelled deadlift, shows a curved back / spine flexion, which is a big NO-NO in deadlift - sandbag or not. Plus, this time, as opposed to 'Bag and Tag', instead of a deadlift, what is shown is a Deadift High Pull.
I hope this helps and you can feed it back to the author(s).