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    Suggestions for the Pandora Map

    I am greatly enjoying the Pandora workout. I just reached chapter 41 today, yay!
    However, I find it a bit tedious to have to count the map markers myself. Am I missing some nifty little tool, or would this be a good place to suggest a 'calculate journey on map' tool in which you can select two locations (or a route via more locations) and that then spits out how many points on the map that is. Or even further: if you also select which exercise you like to use to travel that it calculates for you how many high knees/marching steps or distance to run that would mean.

    Another thing that would be nice to have is a map marker to show where you are. So that when a chapter states 'travel to X' you can easily see on the map what your current position is. (of course this would require a way to let the system know that you've travelled somewhere, especially in case of jobs that you do besides the chapters)

    Also took me a while to discover the hidden layers beneath the map. The fact that you can click on a location for example and get more info or things to do there. Perhaps this can be mentioned somewhere?

    And I had an 'oops' two times so far. When looking at the jobs in an Agora I accidentally 'clicked' (actually, tapped on a tablet) on a job and thus collected the reward. I hit the whole pamphlet and not the actual 'collect' button. Perhaps it would be good to only make the 'collect' button a link/hotspot, to make the chance of these accidents a bit smaller? The first time I thought that perhaps the pamphlet would give more info about the exercise, the second time I accidentally tabbed twice and the second time landed on the newly loaded page with jobs and directly clicked a job.

    (I compensated the accidentally collected scraps by doing other exercises that had the same value and not collecting those)