MIlitary Fit Day 22 - illustrations do not match descriptions

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  • Miss_Dada
    replied the brig lol , thanks for the video Andi64 !
    Very helpful. I do Military fit plus these days and such a workout hasn't been there so far .

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  • Andi64
    BravoLimaPoppa3 I had exactly the same thought, when I went through the prog to see if I want to do it.
    All the standing guys, apart from Nr.8, are troublemakers and should be in the brig.

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  • BravoLimaPoppa3
    Illustration is squat, stand up, bend over, send legs back to push-up position, return to bent over position, stand up, half jack, squat stand up.

    Instructions are (my interpretation)
    Squat (nothing about returning to standing)
    Legs back like a burpee
    Push-up like a push-up burpee
    Plank jack
    Bring legs together
    Return to squat position
    Stand up

    ​​​​​​It reminds me of an early Darebee routine for burpees with a twist.

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  • Damer
    BravoLimaPoppa3 I don't see the issue: The instructions explain the illustration. Are you seeing the same thing I do?

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  • MIlitary Fit Day 22 - illustrations do not match descriptions

    Damer neilarey please take a look at this one, the instructions and illustrations really don't match.