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    Coach/P.E. Teacher Appreciations

    Hi everyone,

    As COVID season goes on with distance learning happening, gotta give a shout out to the teachers for national appreciation week/day/month of May. Even for me, teaching can be a challenge to get my daughter to do her class/homework as I'm sure other parents see it's more than just going over directions or handing out a paper for them to do it. Definitely appreciate our classroom teachers even more as they are able to inspire our kids to learn and motivate them to expand their minds to see them grow. Miss yall and thanks to all the teachers all over the world!! I just wanted to thank all my coworkers/fellow teachers for all the effort and extra work they put in on helping all these students! They don't get enough praise when behind the scenes these teachers care for them and always try to unlock their potential to gain knowledge to hopefully use in real life.

    Also for the coaches and fellow PE teachers/instructors... we never get enough credit for all we do when we interact with so many different kids outside in the yard or coaching a sport to many young individuals. I feel that as a physical education instructor/coach, we don't get enough credit for what we do. Were the ones who not only try to keep them physically active but check in on their behavior, teach them life skills, help them outside of class to hopefully better understand how they feel or what their going through, and being a mentor to only want to see them succeed in life as we get to witness goals being achieved such as graduating, working, volunteering, scoring a goal/etc in a sport, and just simply seeing them be a respectful young human being grow into a responsible young adult is what matters the most to me. So cheers to all educators!

    The darebee website, apps, and the community has always helped me with my fitness needs. The sources here has always been one of the best places to get inspiration for me to use in regards to my P.E. classes I teach or getting new content for me to implement to my sports teams I coach. Please check out my videos, blogs, posts, etc and give me any feedback or suggestions that can help me with my student athletes. Especially during this difficult and different time, we have so many resources and need to utilize technology as it's the new norm in the fitness world! Lets continue to stay active, get fit, and be healthy. Together we can create a healthier us...

    Coach/Mr. Quesada