Does Darebee have any band workouts

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  • Does Darebee have any band workouts

    Just wondered if Darebee has any band workouts? If not does anyone have a great resource like this for band workouts?


    It is a little tricky, filter the workouts to 'other' equipment. I only found Band it. But you can do band variations of the dumbell workouts using ideas from this workout.


      It depends on what you want to do. I was doing Callisto for a long time as a workout in the morning, and I used them for toe taps, donkey kicks and clamshells. They can also be used for a lot of stuff, even seen them used for pushups. As far as I understand they can be used either as an alternate to weights, or just to make bodyweight exercises a bit tougher. In the case of weights and if you are looking for not very heavyweights you could sub them into something like Xpress Tone, if you are wanting to use them for bodyweight then they can be used for lots of stuff.