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    Vote on naming workouts

    Have you guys ever considered holding a vote to name workouts? Not all workouts, but like one a week, the Friday workout or something. Have the creators nominate say 3 or 4 names, and let the community vote from Monday to Thursday.

    Nah. In my opinion that would create too large an overhead in extra work. They'd have to create the workout, introduce us to it, think of several names appropriate for that workout, make a poll, evaluate the poll, and then create and upload the workout sheet for a workout we have already seen. I guess, the Darebee staff is busy enough already...

    We can suggest workouts, workout names and workout themes here in the forum and if there's anything among that which is good I am sure it will end up being a workout on this site.


      That's very true ValVerde


        unless, maybe neilarey would want to put Pike0331 in charge of running that. Which would then be less of a headache. I know it's a long shot, but I shoot my M16 from 500 yards. So you never know what you might get.


          I'd love to help. But I realize that Neilrey and Damer do a lot for us, I'd hate to throw more work at them


            lol, thus why I'm suggesting you do that part, maybe they integrate you in to help with that, thus giving them less work I mean, look where the challenges thing got TheRaven


              Batman....."Iam The Knight" Workout

              Superman.....Red Cape Otherworld Workout

              Indiana Jones....The Fedora Workout

              Quicksilver...."Did You Not See That Coming" Workout

              Beta Ray Bill....Karbonite Workout

              Jedi....Light Side Workout

              Silver Surfer....Surfing The Cosmos Workout

              Green Lantern....Green Ring Corp Workout

              Just a few I'd Vote on. Thought I'd give a little idea nudge/