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Difficulty levels for workouts programms

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    Difficulty levels for workouts programms

    I think adding difficulty levels to programms would be a good idea. So people can judge more easily. Yeah, they are lvl 1, 2, 3 for setnumbers. But some workouts are beastly on lvl 1 already (beast work out is just top of the pack, but there are others too).

    Also, you could filter. Say if you are new and want something beginner friendly. Or if you judge yourself fit already and want something advanced...
    There are a lot of workouts here, and people get confused by all the choices.

    I guess 3 levels would be enough and still not too many. Something like: 1/2/3. Order beginner/medium/advanced, or easy/medium/hard

    These programs go through at least six months of testing, modifying, trial and error, tinkering, alcohol, a little crying from frustration and loads of guinea pigs to make sure they're primed and ready for everyone to use. It's all meant to be for everyone, even if it does seem hard at the base level. It just means you've got a little work to do, and then before you know it you're amazed that you ever struggled with level one. We've all been there. It would be cool to see a program for the more advanced bees and novice bees, however. I'm sure Damer and neilarey are cooking up good stuff for us to dive into. Don't give up. cheers, friend!


      Lately im spreading the buzz in my company. There are a lot of different reactions, and some coworkers are interested. So far 2 have tried workouts here.
      One was a beginner, which I dont want to frustrate because she just starts out.
      Another one claimed training Muay Thai 3 times a week just isnt enough for her, so I recommened something to her thats even tougher than I would do. (Titan workout. explosive pushs just arent for me yet).

      But both where kinda confused by all the choices and didnt pick for themselves. I think it is a case of
      I then gave them a selection of a few workouts. Picking was easier then.

      For myself I dont really need that feature anymore. I have downloaded several workouts I like or wanna try. But atm im just following programms. But for those I know the relative difficulty too.