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    The Programs on here are excellent, and I'd like to propose 5 new templates:

    1. Stand Strong. These would be all exercises done standing up. Great if the floor is filthy or small.
    2. Ground-Pounder. These would all be ground exercises. Good for keeping the back straight, or if you like push-ups.
    3. Sit-Down Strike. These would all be exercises involving a chair, either sitting or as a prop.
    4. Weakest Link. These would all focus on joints, ligaments, and some of your more niche workouts (cough, cough, eyeball exercise. Brilliant!)
    5. Merry Men. 100% Stick workouts.

    You guys are awesome, hope you keep this program alive for 100 years!

    Great Ideas! I would like to see some MRT workouts with weights and agonist/atagonist muscle groups.