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Feedback: Mushroom Walnut Burger Recipe

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    Feedback: Mushroom Walnut Burger Recipe

    First off: Thanks for this great recipe!

    I have found out some things to make it even better:

    1) The burgers are better when quite flat (better consistency)
    2) Try adding a teaspoon of mustard to the mix, yummy!
    3) Consistency gets even closer to real meat burgers when eaten cold!

    Also, if you don't want to use rice flour, you can also use potatoe flour or wheat flour (in my experience).

    Thank you for the feedback Lamanase
    It's one of my favorite recipes lately, too, I make it at least once a week. For anyone giving it a shot, it works without the chia seeds just fine if you don't have them on hand. I forgot to add them once and they turned out just fine. I didn't even notice And yes, as Lamanase suggests, the thinner you make the patties, the better. They come out firmer!
    I tried making meatballs using the same mix to go with spaghetti in red sauce and, honestly, you can't tell the difference. I would even say it tastes better


      How well did these work as leftovers? Like, if I made them in advance, how long do you think they’d last? A week?

      (Additionally- anyone know how many to eat for a meal for the modern hero vegan meal plan? )