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    Name of workouts

    I just come up with an idea!

    As everybody here knows, we've taken down some workouts because of their names.

    Yeah. We used to make workouts with commercial superheroes. As all of you, however, know that we need not to use their name anymore.

    Because we already have our own heroes and heroines.

    neilarey Damer Elektra TheRaven etc... (Sorry I can't remember all the name of our members)

    I mean that you guys name the following workout as your nickname.
    I.e : neilarey workout, Damer workout or TheRaven workout...

    Maybe Damer workout has lots of martial arts moves lol

    How do you think about my idea?

    Oh wow, I'm really flattered! But to be honest I wouldn't feel very comfortable having a workout named after me - I'm not any more special than any one of you and I am certainly not a hero

    The thing is: superheros are fictional (sorry to spoil the surprise everyone!) and that's exactly the reason why everybody could imagine being them. The moment you put a real person in this position you make him or her better than others. The workouts are for everyone - that's why neilarey had her name taken down from this site and made it Darebee instead. It's not about the individual, it's about all of us.

    At least that's my opinion It was a good idea to avoid commercial names though, thank you for sharing it with us!


      BTW we Already have TheRaven workout


        sudiproy I may have long black hair, but I think I'm definitely lacking bust size


          TheRaven hahahaha . But you have a well developed chest
          Steve Kim I agree 100% with TheRaven . I admit that it sounds like a great idea but there are already too many bees to have a workout name after each one of them. And here at the Hive we are all equals.
          And I'm faaaaaar away of being a hero. Sorry . Just my avatar is based on a superhero. That's the closest I can get. But thank you anyways.


            Steve Kim big thank you but it's what TheRaven and Elektra have already said. The real heroes are all Darebees. Our idea of fitness here is that we get past the personality cult where you needed one person to drive everything through and everything would go only through them. Here we are each other's support group. We help each other grow and be better.