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An Anti-hero's Journey Program?

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    An Anti-hero's Journey Program?

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    Yes, the batman is dead. He was a considered anti-hero. This program doesn't have to be based on Batman, you're welcome Warner Bros. But I think this is Batman's next direction. But it's time for us to become the hero. Sadly, i'm not the type of hero that strives to please/save everyone. I'm a bit more of a selfish type of hero with a dark past.:heh:

    Hero's Journey is great. But I need something that would suit me better. :cool:

    Anti-hero's Journey would be a great spin off of Hero's Journey. It could be like a sequel or a second chapter, if you will. I think this a step for Darebee to rise.:happy:

    Or it could be called "Darkhero's Journey". But its just a suggestion .
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    Batman wasn't an antihero. He was undeniably good. An antihero would be someone like Deadpool. His morals are subject to payment but overall he does more good than harm.

    As for a "Villain" workout? There are already plenty of routines that are based on the bad guy. If you explore I'm sure you'll find them fairly quickly. Happy hunting!


      Batman is actually what is considered to be an Antihero. What this means is that does not live up to the typical hero standards. If he has to break a few bones or really get his hands dirty, short of killing, then he will. He does not fight with say, the same moral code that Superman would, for example. There are lines that normal heroes do not cross in order to do what they do. Batman crosses these lines all the time in order to do the type of justice he knows is necessary.

      He's also considered a "Dark Hero". Dark hero's Journey could be good as well. But I know he is a vigilante. So a Vigilante program could be cool too. But idk what i'm talking about

      And btw I'm not much of a villain guy either.
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