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[Feedback] I've just finished the Flexibility week!

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  • Sini
    I'm only half way through the Flexibility week but there's been many new things about stretching. I agree with you (at least on the basis of those four workouts I've done), the week has been great! Definitely going to bookmark these for future use

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  • Steve Kim
    started a topic [Feedback] I've just finished the Flexibility week!

    [Feedback] I've just finished the Flexibility week!

    Like the Dragon week (martial arts week), I've done all workouts of this week as instructed.

    Not only I have learn how to do stretchings properly, also I've realized various kind of stretcings.

    From dynamic stretching to ballistic one, now I can distinguish the benefits of stretchings.

    I am really satisfied with this week's workouts!

    P.S : I am curious how to do the motion of our workout badge? Folding legs on hand-standing pose! ^^

    P.S 2 : I added tuck planche to the end of my stretching