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  • Krav Maga or Martial Arts Workout Program

    So i was wondering i know there are a few workout programs based around boxing and fighters codex gets repetition and such but its not based around a style. Instead of doing "combat" workouts, make Martial Art workouts like krav maga, tae kwon do, bjj, karate, etc. Even make a 30-90 day program for each.

    also weapon workouts, could we get something going with guns, specificly longarms, to be used with empty rifles or Blue guns. You could call them operator workouts or something.

    A 90 day martial arts program would be nice
    I guess the problem with different styles is that you should practice them for a while before going to the more advanced stuff. The kicks and punches in the Martial Arts workouts are more or less the common basics of many different styles so i think naming them "Karate" or "Kung Fu" would be more of a style thing and not a really different workout...on the other Hand there are surely different excercises that are very common in one art but not in others...
    Especially Bjj has many very hard core excercises. For all i know a Krav Maga Workout would look like Military Fit + Punches and a few kicks... i dont think you can do many Krav Maga things without a partner.

    For the gun workouts... i dont think they would make a real difference.. i mean if you look for example at the John Wick movies you could say that they do basically Parcour / Self defence with a gun in their hand. Other excercises could be the tactical movement but i think thats a thing you just cant put in a pdf sheet. If you want inspiration for that i would recommend the Keanu Reeves training Video on youtube...of course you can allways spice them up with some Parcour moves
    If you have more like melee with guns in mind...basically thats something you can transfer to other weapons.
    A pistol is basically a very short Tomahawk or if you dont want to loose the ability to shot then its the techniques with the blunt side of a knife i would recommend.
    A Rifle is more or less a short spear or a club.

    For the tactical movement part... it really depends on the terrain you in. What obastacles can be used as cover ? where is the enemy ? Fast (Parcour) or sneaky (Ninja) way? The weapons in that case are just dead weight and you have to acuustom yourself to the that unwieldy part of metal in you hands and still be fast.
    For the shooting part...i dont think we need a workout for that


      hence why its called Martial Arts it covers all the different types.. Also Martial Arts name came cuz each specific type is from a different area. Tae Kwon Do is how the Korean Military would fight in the old days. Just like Karate was Japan's military, I what have noticed from the dragon week and other Marital Art style work outs is just building a foundation. Besides you don't just work punches and kicks in Martial arts in the combos they use on here you use it in specialized formations that is unique to each type however some types of martial arts have two different types of forms they do World and International. I know in TKD that's true I did a World Federation Form of TKD call Chung Do Kwan and when I was looking for a TKD place when I went to college meant I would have to learn from the beginning because even though punches and kicks were called the same the way they were executed were different.


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        Ok i should clarify the weapons training, you can buy 1:1 proportionate and ballanced molded plastic weapons called "Blue guns". In JROTC they had us train with 8lb inert drill rifles durring PT on occation; overhead lifts, extensions, and pushups with rifles over the hands.

        Now as for that using a rifle as a short spear or as a club comment, yes it is used as a small spear thats the way militaries train their soldiers for melee combat. A rifle is NEVER to be used as a club. Handguns are simple jabs, crosses, hammer fists and palm strikes while holding the grip. Im a competitive shooter and guns are something i dont need advice about since ive been training with those since i was 12 years old. Ive only recently branched my combatives to barehanded.