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    Does this account belong to us? Or is another unofficial page?

    No, that's not one of ours I am afraid. It is not run by any of our volunteers so it was definitely not approved. Whoever is doing it is actually putting a lot of effort into it and is probably doing it to help us (if it is someone from the Hive please PM me so we can sort it out).

    That said, it is still impersonation because it is not run by anyone directly involved with DAREBEE and the page looks and feels like something official which can mislead people. If we can't find whoever is doing it and come to some kind of resolution we would have to take action on our end. I hope it doesn't come to it, though, this is quite good work - we just have to make sure it is done right and through proper channels.

    ​Thank you for bringing this up rasm02


      neilarey you want me to talk to them?
      About other things, I tagged you in another post about translating programs. It's okay if I print a program and write everything in spanish with a pen? Is for some non English speakers friends... I don't want to affect the copyrights and that u.u


        That's ok rasm02 I meant to reach out to them (?) anyway, I'll do it as soon as I can. And yes, it's ok to translate the way you are proposing - it's for your personal use so it'll be perfectly alright with us We are generally very understanding people even when the rules are broken - intent is everything to us. We only get upset when we see ulterior motives like distribution for profit or use of our work for brand or self promotion.


          Sure neilarey I'm a witness of all the effort you guys make here, that's basically the reason why I'm asking for permission in this "persistent" way. And as I told is for a friend in the fire station that is null in english. Once again (I always say this) thanks for everything, I feel I fit here cause the Darebee way stands for many things I have always believed. Thank you and have a million of blessings and positive vibes! >|<


            Wow, I’m just too impressed by this even after so many years. It is insanely pleasant when someone else promotes your work. I just also have my own company, but it is connected with courses for fitness trainers. Recently I also found an account that copied our content. I was really indignant, but then I saw that each post has a link to our official profile, so I started to work with them.