[ DB - 15 December 2018 ] Red Line

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    [ DB - 15 December 2018 ] Red Line

    Red Line

    When we talk about values, morality, right and wrong, society, the law, ethics, religion and duty we are asking the same question from different angles: How should we lead our life?

    There is no one answer that will fit everyone. Nor is there a perfect way of knowing that we are always on the right path in our life.

    There is however a real way to start getting there. Start from the very beginning: your red line. Consider the one thing you really will never, ever do. The one person you will never betray. The one truth you will never abandon. The one rule you will never break. Don't just think about it, feel it.

    Ask yourself why not? Why would you be prepared to die for it if necessary? Be patient. Be honest.

    The answers you get are the truest part of who you are. They represent your values. They are your moral compass when it comes to right and wrong. They are the ones that help you guide your life.

    Good words...thanks!...