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    [ DB - 11 December 2018 ] Connected


    Alone none of us is ever strong enough, smart enough or emotionally balanced enough to deal with the complexity of life and the world.

    This is why we are hardwired to connect, create social circles and be sociable.

    Social interaction can still be a stressor however.

    The most successful people create social connections that boost them when they feel low, help them augment their understanding and broaden their thinking horizons.

    How do you operate in the world?

    I love this.

    One of the reasons I think Darebee is so fundamentally important is to connect likeminded people to strengthen and encourage each other. Helping and watching other people reach their goals and creating a safe space to be your best self.

    I continously look for spaces that are welcoming and comforting with people who will help lift me up and encourage me. Whether this be with a friend group, a church community, online communities, or even work spaces.

    I have to “recharge my battery” in order to make it through and progress with my goals.

    Thank you Darebee!


      mochalette thank you! We have tried really hard to make Darebee the kind of place where you can grow, mentally, physically and emotionally. You, all of you, have been instrumental in making this happen with your enthusiasm, contributions, activity and embrace of the Darebee principles. Our Daily Boost, drawn from the latest research in neuroscience and social psychology, is very much part of this effort.