[ DB - 2 December 2018 ] Feel it!

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    [ DB - 2 December 2018 ] Feel it!

    Feel it!

    Everything that happens to the body triggers neurochemical responses that affect the mind. Take the simple smile. It is a physical action that triggers endorphins and serotonin that lower blood pressure, improve the way the immune system functions, relieve stress and make us feel better. Practiced daily the long-term impact is improved brain health and better physical fitness. Neurobiologists call this "affect regulation" - the ability to better regulate our emotions and improve the way we feel inside our skin through our own, direct actions.

    To us it's just a smile: an intentional act that transforms how we feel, which then changes everything else. Smiling even when we think there is nothing to smile about is an intentional strategy that tells the universe that what we feel is ours to control and that we can impose our will on the fabric of our world.

    This is cheesy as anything, but I saw it on facebook, and it gives another reason to smile:

    Smiling is infectious

    You catch it like the flu

    When someone smiled at me today

    I started smiling too

    I walked around the corner

    And someone saw me grin

    When he smiled I realised

    I had passed it on to him

    I thought about the smile

    And then realised its worth

    A single smile like mine

    Could travel round the earth

    So if you feel a smile begin

    Don’t leave it undetected

    Start an epidemic

    And get the world infected.

    (by author unknown, one source said it was by Spike Milligan, and others by 3 or 4 other names).


      crossthebreeze cheesy as anything and yet it made me smile. Thank you for adding it here.