The impressive training and recruitment of Rome’s Legions

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    The impressive training and recruitment of Rome’s Legions

    These videos reminded me why I loved working for a builder doing a huge variety of manual jobs in all Canadian seasons battling the elements.

    This video covers the process and philosophy of training and recruitment in the Early Roman Empire, with close reference to the writings of Vegetius' "de re militari".

    The officers and ranking system of the Roman army

    This video covers many of the ranks that were crucial to the operation of not only the legions, but entire provinces, and in turn, the Empire itself! For some reason, these were so "forgotten" to the public, that it took a considerable amount of research to present. There are still more ranks known to us, which I excluded to mention due to the video's length, but which I will be sharing in YouTube community posts. It is also important to note that not all centurions were recruited from the ranks. Some were given the position right away, if they were members of the equestrian order or municipal aristocracies. Such centurions would also be seen in a higher regard that those that raised from the ranks.