Newbie - trying to figure out how to favorite a program

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    Newbie - trying to figure out how to favorite a program

    Hi everyone. As indicated above I am newbie to Darebee..
    I have two questions :
    1- I saw few Programs I wanted to start but did not understand how to I save it or add to my account favorites so it will be easy to continue from where I stopped the next time I check in.
    What am i missing here?
    2- are The training plans only image wise? How exactly does it work? I mean the suggested pre-planned.
    Shall I choose few workouts and follow along them?

    Thanks a lot for the help!!

    Welcome to the Hive Syncopa
    @1: threre are various ways to strore your progress. From hand-written paper diaries (aka. training logs) to Google sheets or opening a thread here. The easiest is to enable cookies for in your browser and check the box next to the day you did like this:
    Click image for larger version  Name:	check.jpg Views:	0 Size:	11.7 KB ID:	816155

    Next time you visit the program page, the box should be still checked. So you know where to continue. It's cookie-based, so device-only. The more advanced storage options fell victim to a hack some time ago.

    @2: The training plans give you more choice than the programs. As you suspected, you choose the workout for a certain day with just the focus (Strength, Upper Body...) given from the database. There is more fine tuning possible. If you are unsure of what to do, pick a program you find tempting and stick to it.

    Some more generic pointers:
    Read the manual.
    Enjoy the resources .
    Show some love to the beekeepers to keep the project going.
    All the best