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I just thought this would be helpful

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  • Sasstronaut
    This helps me too! It's actually why I stopped measuring my size solely in weight. I have been gaining muscle and losing fat with DareBee and consistency, and while my pounds of changed very little, my body still has. I've gone from 31" to 28" waist and I'm still 140lbs. I think we get far too tied to a number.

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  • Aether
    started a topic I just thought this would be helpful

    I just thought this would be helpful

    This is me! I'm an easy gainer and I needed to hear this.
    I'm a level 2 & 4 personal trainer and have been into health and fitness since my late teens.
    I'm not in the best shape for my own goals and I have a few injuries that came from being stupid, trying the same things over and over.

    Without to much more blabbering, I hope this helps you or someone you know and till next time... stay B.U.F.F