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Fixing Injuries from Sports

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    Fixing Injuries from Sports

    Hi, my name is Jack,

    I have been doing many sports this year and I hurt myself a lot. I am a runner and at the beginning of the year I did cross country, there I hurt my knees and now I have to put really tight knee straps on my knees to support them so they stop hurting. Now I am doing Track and Field and I think I may have pulled a muscle during practice while jumping hurdles. I gave myself 4 days to recover and I went back today and I pulled my quad muscle again. Does anyone know how to fix a pulled muscle quickly or any other injury that might be caused by running such as shin splints, pulled muscle, sore muscle, pain in the quads, sore back, weak and painfully knees. This would help me so much and I am open to anything that you guys recommend.


    Ice should help with inflammation and swelling, but then heat later should help pull blood/oxygen to help with recovery. Rest and physical therapy is the obvious answer, but it will take time. Make sure that you properly warming up with dynamic stretching (not static stretching), and foam rolling has been a major improvement for my recovery process.