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Five low-budget alternatives to human contact

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    Five low-budget alternatives to human contact

    Now we're most likely all isolating and human contact is very limited. Personally my husband is the only person I have actual personal contact with. So here are some things to try to alleviate the feeling of isolation. These are going to sound silly, however if it's stupid but it works then it isn't stupid.

    1. Hug a tree. This will be nicer once it's warmer outside, especially if you can find a tree with bark warmed by the sun, but really any tree will do. Whether you prefer a thinner one you can wrap your arms around entirely or a large oak with that soft rough texture is up to you.

    2. Plushies and squishies. We probably all have one at home, some of us haven't hugged them in a long time, but now is their time to shine. They're soft and warm and perfect for making us feel less alone.

    3. Knead dough by hand. This probably works best with yeast dough since it gets a very skin-like texture, but personally I prefer a very simple dough that we use for wraps and dumpling wrappers which is 300 g of flour and 120 - 150 g of water (we start with 120 and then slowly add more, depending on the dough). Kneading it, letting it sit for a few hours and then kneading it again makes me feel like I shook a lot of hands that day.

    4. Grow some plants. Personally I did this with an empty rinsed-out yoghurt cup and the seeds from a lemon I had eaten. Admittedly the soil I used was store-bought, but that's usually not expensive and I only needed a cup's worth. Watching the seeds open and grow into a small plant is intensely satisfying and it feels like a developing friendship. My lychees were also very successful, but personally I had no luck with my avocado pit.

    5. Befriend some critters. Whether it's the western conifer seed bug looking for warmth in your flat or the ladybug wanting to eat the lice off your roses; any insect you feel safe handling can be your friend. If you have jumping spiders near you they might even remember you. They're smaller than humans, but letting them crawl around on your hand is sure to make you feel better.

    Yeeees, 4 especially, trees and grass and tomatoes and cucumbers and radishes and all the things... Plants give me life! I'm an avid home gardener, and I can confirm: Just watching some seeds grow under your care can be a tremendous source of happiness!

    It can be as simple as putting a leek or spring onion root you cut off into a glass of water (though the results may vary wildly) or planting carrot tops with some green still on them in a bit of soil and watering them.


      I dont imagine many people would be okay with spiders walking around on your hand....that being said, I am the exception Can jumping spiders really remember you? Is that a thing? Because that would be fascinating!

      I do find growing things satisfying, when I actually dont kill them...I am horrible with plants, but I keep trying!
      I have a super soft blanket i like to snuggle, and my dogs, of course