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A big dose of gratitude.

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    A big dose of gratitude.

    Thankyou Darebee. Through a little practice, buckets of patience and some willingness to just keep on turning up for myself , I have have been able to allow some remarkable and amazing changes to happen.

    I'm currently doing a charity challenge, 500 Sun Salutations in March. I love yoga and the Bee in me was intrigued to see where I'm at. I'm so chuffed ( old man flex), so far I've smoothly cranked out 300 and my body feels way better than I could of hoped.

    I'm doing a little dance and a flex on here because I've no better place.

    So my thanks to you all for all your efforts, struggles, triumphs and love that you all keep on turning up for yourselves and each other on here.

    No more sun sals today, I've gone all emotional. 🙄

    Hey man that's awesome, well done