Hey everyone!

I discovered Darebee about a year ago and i've since talked about it to everyone I know.
Darebee is an example of a dedicated group that works non-profit and I can't stress enough how thankful I am for this site
and the utmost respect I have for the Darebee team!

As much as it'd love to work out every day and always be at my fittest, I struggle to stay motivated and often fall into paths of gaining weight. I don't eat correctly and often beat myself up about it.
That's why I really need somewhere you can easily find help and motivation, and share progress.

I know Darebee has the Hive, which is great, but I wanted something faster and less formal.
I was able to find another Darebee discord, however it was completely inactive.

That's why I've decided to kickstart one myself.
It would be great to find a couple others that I can keep motivated with, share recipes and workouts with and so on.

Now I know some are skeptic of Discord, mostly because it advertises itself for gamers - however I use discord for everything from my personal friend groups to my whole university year.
Even my family has a discord group together, where we call sometimes during corona times.
It's been my permanent use platform for more than 5 years now!

It's completely free!

It works like Darebee. You can pay for Nitro, but it is mostly to support the platform.
It resembles a mix between Skype and a forum. You can type in different "channels" like a forum, but you can also easily share pictures, documents - even call each other on voice or with cameras on.
You are of course also able to talk privately in "DM's".

It has a browser version, a program for both PC and Mac, and an app to easily use!

It might make you feel a bit more comfortable joining if you knew me a little better:

My name is Anne and I'm a Computer Scientist.
That means I sit down a lot for work and sometimes have very busy days without much time to cook and work out.
I'm an amateur cook and I love cooking when I have the time to experiment.
I also do programming, watch netflix and play games in my free time.
I try to do yoga and weight exercises, but I seem to fail most days!

If you are up for joining me on there, It'd be awesome!

Click the link below to go directly to the server:


Or you can read about and download discord here:


Let's stay motivated together and get into a healthy lifestyle!

- Anne

Of course this discord will NOT steal any content from Darebee and will be linking directly back to the Darebee website.
The discord is for talking, sharing pictures/recipes and so on. A supplement to Darebee, not a way of getting Darebee content without using the website.