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Any Norse Pagans out there?

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    Your right Legolo I do follow my own heart when it comes to the Gods, your also correct about Adam being a Christian and im sure his views were influenced by his faith among other things . As I said in my post does it even matter? I feel close to Freyr and have not worked much with Odin.So to me Freyr would be the middle as that is the God I feel most connected to with Thor on the right and Odin on the left. Adam of Bremen was not there this is also fact, however I just thought it was kind of neat that there was such a record of this place and your right in saying we also dont know if there was a place such as this which is why I said was it even true. I feel that the Gods speak to us all differently and as such I follow my own path and try not to hold to the past it was only a thought of if it is true and was a fact then I wonder how it would have looked like is all.We dont know much about the past and how the gods were worshiped and what we do have is mostly based on second hand source and Christian writings it is up to us to pick through what we do have,trace, what we can and find a way to connect to the Gods on our own terms. My offerings and blots will be different then everyone else, just like when I talk to the Gods I feel the wind pick up and there is an energy in the air that is electric for some it may be warmth or a sense of peace...or nothing at all. Ours is a path of homework and trusting in our heart what we do is done with love for the Gods and not a recreation of the past. I would not go and sacrifice a cow or animal for the Gods as they did years ago, but I will share a drink of my favorite Scotch with The All Father and thank him for what he has done and has gifted me, for a gift deserves a gift and a gift given is a gift received..


      If you´d want to sacrifice an animal, horses were a very popular choice, since they were very important status symbols. But you´d have to eat it afterwards. That´s why it was illegal to eat horse meat in Iceland during the christianization. Horse is actually pretty tasty. There was this one butcher that always gave you a piece of horse sausage as advertisement for horse meat when you bought a sausage at his stall on market days... But that´s really off topic

      One of the biggest problems is the lack of actual sources from the Viking Age, most if not all written sources were made centuries later by, drumroll please, christian monks. So it´s nearly impossible to say if important parts are not exaggerated or straight up fictional. For example, most sagas were written down between 1100 and 1300 and as we know the "viking age" lasted from 793 til 1066. From Lindisfarne to Stamford Bridge. They hammered those dates into us so much at university I´ll never forget them

      And yes. Since we can´t know how things were back then we all have to find our own way. At least until somebody finally invents time travel.


        I'm a Kemetic pagan (Ancient Egypt), but i'm a little norse too and I wanna learn more. I love to talk and learn about all the ancient cultures and gods (Specially eruopean and mediterranean ones). So if anybody wanna talk...


          Loving this thread.
          I don't live far from Stonehenge and Avebury
          More pls

          Jai jai Hanuman

          Sub Ek


            Hello Rathgar, your lucky I would love to see Stonehenge in person. I know this will sound silly to some but i would love to have a stone or dirt from there as I believe there is magic in the land and stone and it would be a wonderful connection to the past and the ancestors there that has come before us.