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    Rogue Week

    Cause Im a rogue nerd... I made a Rogue Week out of the existing Rogue Workouts.

    Day 1: Rogue Workout
    - Namesake and a good conglomeration of whats gonna come
    Day 2: Rogue Build Workout
    - A bit more strenuous with a focus on Combat Skills
    Day 3: Thief Workout
    - More chest but no Combat
    Day 4: Rogue Warrior Workout
    - Full body with some punches
    Day 5: Rogue Assassin Workout
    - Combat and Core
    Day 6: Stealth Master Workout
    - Lower body and Core
    Day 7: TNT Rogue Workout
    - HIIT Ahhhh!

    As I work my way through it, it's really strenuous... maybe some of you can handle it

    It looks like it is worth a try