Workout that does not require using my jacked knee

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    Workout that does not require using my jacked knee

    Does anyone know of a good workout (cardio and strength) that allows me to workout without putting stress on a knee? I recently hurt my knee. everything I do uses my legs so I have no idea what kind of workout to do now.

    Thanks in advanced.

    Sorry to hear about your knee. I hope it recovers soon.

    Go to the workout tab and then click the load filters option and filter the workouts by body section and see what comes up. They may not be as vigorous as you'd want for cardio but it's an option.

    You may need to substitute some moves to make a workout compatible for you at the moment. Do you have enough mobility for inch worms instead of burpess for example?

    Tempered Steel has no leg component. You can do punches to give a form of cardio. Romanian Deadlifts to work your hamstrings but no squats or deadlifts which would be knee dominant.

    Have a look at these:


      Hello Scott,

      I love Darebee! What a great source.

      The knee is getting better. I hurt it working in the yard, hyper-extension however, I do not want set backs.

      These workouts look perfect. Thank you for sending them. I know I could have searched but I am not a PT or a trainer and thought the advice from someone with more experience would be a better choice.

      Thank you,



        Hi sierra you can also just type "knee" in the search box and get the knee rehabilitation and strengthening exercises..
        Not only that there is also an article on how to recover from knee injury.. hope these will help in addition to what Scott has already shared..

        also you can always check with specific part name in the filter so as to find relevant stretching, rehabilitation or general wellness workouts..
        also the fitness section have a lot of articles related to all the regular queries that we get at the start of our fitness journey..

        All the Best on your journey..


          Thank you, I did not know that was an option.


            I hope it's recovering and remember to get it checked out if you still get niggles.

            Do consider a phased return to training with it so don't just resume where you left off. Either lessen the depth of your squats say by squatting onto a box or a seat as a stop, workout a little slower, reduce weight if you were using weights or do less sets to begin with and then build it up.

            I'd give jumping lunges a miss for a while too.