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    Working Ninth Day

    23.05.2020 - Day 9

    So, today I did:

    - Daly Dares - 60 seconds Bicep Flex Hold
    - Shredder Abs Edition Workout

    Today I helped my dad to do some work in the garden, so I just did a little training for the abs and the DD.

    Hello again,

    I'm not sure if you look again at your threads detailing your progress so far (I would, because revisiting progress is pretty cool and motivating), but I thought I'd post anyway and make you once again aware that the Checking-In board exists, which basically is exactly what you want for posting your progress. If you make a personal thread there and post your workouts per day in that, it's even easier for you to track what you've done so far.
    If you're unsure how to start a log, here's a handy guide for that: How to Start a Log.

    Hope to see you there