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  • Nihopaloa
    Hello again,

    I'm not sure if you look again at your threads detailing your progress so far (I would, because revisiting progress is pretty cool and motivating), but I thought I'd post anyway and make you once again aware that the Checking-In board exists, which basically is exactly what you want for posting your progress. If you make a personal thread there and post your workouts per day in that, it's even easier for you to track what you've done so far.
    If you're unsure how to start a log, here's a handy guide for that: How to Start a Log.

    Hope to see you there

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  • LeahQ
    started a topic Working Ninth Day

    Working Ninth Day

    23.05.2020 - Day 9

    So, today I did:

    - Daly Dares - 60 seconds Bicep Flex Hold
    - Shredder Abs Edition Workout

    Today I helped my dad to do some work in the garden, so I just did a little training for the abs and the DD.