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Which Fictional Character Inspires your Workout?

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    Which Fictional Character Inspires your Workout?

    The Darebee Team excel at imagining fictional character’s workout needs and translate them to real world routines for us to use. For me that’s a lifesaver (literally). No doubt many of you probably follow the programs for the same reason.

    Which is your character? A superhero? A villain, maybe? You can name any fictional character from Literature, Film, TV, Animation, Anime, Game, Theater Play, Song or Toy Line that inspires your workout or that you even want to emulate in skills and/or looks. Please hint the source so other people (me!) can learn a little more about it.

    For me it would be:

    - Anji the Monk from Rurouni Kenshin anime series

    - Heihachi Mishima from Tekken fighting game series

    - Jason Bourne from Jason Bourne’s films (Matt Damon’s not Jeremy Renner’s)

    - Norman from Mighty Max animation (yeah, the 90’s)

    I look forward to learning about yours.

    Kitana and Mileena, from the Mortal Kombat series. Sonya Blade too, but only her looks from MK4. I always liked her red outfit.

    Lara Croft, from the Tomb Raider series before the 2013 reboot. I don't hate the reboot though, I'm just old fashioned with Lara. I mean, this is how I found Darebee in the first place.

    Samus Aran, from the Metroid series.

    Nancy Callahan, from the Sin City series, more specifically, the second movie: A Dame to Kill For.

    Motoko Kusanagi, from the Ghost in the Shell franchise, specifically her incarnation in Stand Alone Complex. It resonates with me when another girl just compared us (she and I) with the same augmented people from Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It's a complete different franchise, but the reason it resonates a lot with Motoko it's because of her really vague backstory and lack of a true identity of her own. I just picked Stand Alone Complex because she's more charming there than in the movie.

    Nina Williams, from the Tekken series.

    And, finally, Poison and Chun-Li, both from the Street Fighter / Final Fight series. I can relate a lot with the former, and never skip leg day for the latter




        Goku and Vegeta from dragonball Z because it's Goku and Vegeta.

        Deku from my hero acidamia because I can relate to him. Asta from black clover for the same reason.

        Chris Hemsworth from the Marvel Thor movies because I love norse mythology (and his physique is goals).


          Lots of interesting source material!

          I like almost everything you mention Sólveig ! Chung-Li is my favorite because it is the first on the list that I was introduced to when I was a kid. Never skip that leg day! Don’t know much about Nancy Callahan though.

          Didn’t get the Sisyphus reference Io6 so I look it up and find the Greek mythology story which I find quite interesting. It’s that what you mean?

          It was quite obvious that your favs were from DB Aether! Haven't watched My Hero Academia or readed Black Clover but will look into that. Chris Hemsworth is impressive, you go for it!

          Thanks for sharing everyone!


            Originally posted by Lupus Sheol View Post
            I like almost everything you mention Sólveig ! Chung-Li is my favorite because it is the first on the list that I was introduced to when I was a kid. Never skip that leg day! Don’t know much about Nancy Callahan though.
            She's a college kid who doubles as a stripper at night. Marv, who's pretty much the main character of Sin City, protects her as if she was his sister. On the second movie adaptation, she got her own story in which she breaks and becomes a hero to herself, just as badass as the other girls from the comics.


              Yep, Lupus Sheol . While Sisyphus may have have become a byline for pointess and unending tasks, Camus had an interesting idea that Sisyphus felt a moment of satisfaction at the top on each run before the bolder rolled back down.
              I think Shikari would be perfect at designing such a workout!


                Batman because, well, he's Batman


                Captain America


                  I am a big fan of comics, fantasy and sci-fi, but I don't really take inspiration from them.

                  That said, I do like watch training montages sometimes for inspiration, and while the montages from the Rocky films are epic, my all time favorite montage is from a horrible movie called No Retreat No Surrender, a sort of rip-off on Karate Kid which was one of Van Damme's first roles (used to love his movies when I was a teenager) though he is not in it much, and focuses on someone else as the protagonist. So I guess kind of Jason Stillwell:


                    That was really fun to watch CaptainCanuck. I have never heard of that one before but looks like a fun one to watch. All that candles in the "training room"!


                      Uff. Now that´s a big question. Because naming every single one that has inspired me is waaaaay to much I will only choose 3. Also for me it´s not only about the workouts. It´s about the behaviour and personality too. I´m a guy with a lot of quirks and sometimes it´s a good way to deal with them to just think "Hm, what would "insert name here" do instead?".

                      1: Michael Westen from Burn Notice. He is one of those heroes that are not only brawn, but also brain. I like that because I´m a brainy guy myself. And as a former scout I really love that he is prepared for almost anything. And if a plan doesn´t work he can quickly adapt to new situations. Something I try to learn, because I tend to behave really stubborn and unflexible.

                      2: Ban from The Seven Deadly Sins. Just look at him! But again, it´s not only his body that is interesting to me. Wow, that came out wrong He is a guy who never gives up until he has what he wants. As someone who tends to quit on things as soon as sticking with them gets a little bit exhausting this is another thing I want to learn.

                      3: Han Solo. This one is purely about the personality. I loved Star Wars since basically forever and always felt a connection with Han. All that confidence, his smooth talking, his somewhat good heart under that gruffy exterior... When I was small I wanted to grow up to become like him. Now I´m 23 and that wish hasn´t changed


                        There is some

                        Mulan (the whole I'll make a man out of you montage is kinda inspiring :p)

                        Rey from star wars

                        Kassandra from Assassins Creed Odessy

                        Eowyn from Lord of the rings


                          For me, it's Captain America or Zac Efron.


                            I find inspiration in the most unlikely of places. Growing up when I did, one of my favs is Kwai Chang Kane from Kung Fu. The 70's show, not the remake.

                            Sherlock Holmes, of course. Samwise Gamgee. Roy and Deckard from Blade Runner. Hektor. Alice.

                            One I think about is Breca, from Beowulf. Don't recall the name? Here's the back story: he's the guy who beat Beowulf in a swimming race in the open sea. Of course, Beow gives excuses 😁

                            And can't forget Zap Rowsdower from the Final Sacrifice.


                              I loved Kwai Chang Caine when I was growing up!

                              "What do you hear?"
                              - "I hear the grasshopper."

                              I haven't watched Beowulf, probably will look forward to it. Thanks for sharing Shikari.