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    Daily Dare, 2 Minutes Overhead Clench/Unclenches.
    No extra credit. My fingers felt sticky.


      Something went very wrong with the start of this DD for me. Got to 50 clenches and looked at the clock. Like NO time had passed !
      So I briefly quit.
      Then I looked back at the clock. I had managed to set it for two hours, not two minutes, if time.
      Reset the clock, restarted my efforts, and completed it. With EC, of course. And hardly any strain at all !
      DD = 2 Minutes Overhead Clench/Unclench.


        2 Minutes Overhead Clench/Unclench
        Extra Credit

        If the first day of month was like this... I couldn't imagine the next days...

        Have a great weekend and let's do a nice month!!


          DaithiMeyer 2 HOURS! thank god, you have noticed it!! hahahahahahha


            Did 7 minutes of jumping jacks. Several songs on Fatboy Slim's You've come a long way, baby. No option for ExC.

            Click image for larger version

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            The 2nd DD in the hive.馃槆


              Didn't feel like doing the 2 minutes of overhead clenching and unclenching because I've already done both this Daily Dare and the non overhead version. Plus, both of them were some of, if not THE most difficult and painful (though not in a harmful way) Daily Dares that I've ever done, and since Saturday is basically my free, have fun at the gym day, I didn't really want that hahaha. I did an old one; a 1 minute one legged plank instead, and I got extra credit on it. Really easy, not too surprising for someone with the 5 minute plank badge, but I can actually hold the one legged AND one armed version for at least the same length, probably twice that and even more, so this was no sweat for me. Still really enjoyed it though because it was short and sweet, and it fit well with the somewhat laid back work out that I was doing today.


                (8/1/20) DD 2 Minutes Overhead Clench/Unclench : Done with EC!!


                  DAILYDARE + EC = #54
                  30 Forward Bends


                  *I had to do the DAILYDARE for July,31st 2020 for my workout today because I started my workout yesterday so late the DAILYDARE had already updated to the next day.
                  I didn't realize what had happened until I was posting yesterday workout DAILYDARE achievement for myself and noticed everyone else was posting their "30 Forward Bends"as completed.
                  So, I did do today's "2 minutes Overhead Clench/Unclench" yesterday as previously posted #1688 above and yesterdays DAILYDARE today.



                  I have to thank you for prompting me to clarify my days on my programs, workouts, and challenges!
                  I wouldn't have noticed that I had the #50 DAILYDARES + EC badge to claim until I had completely finished my programs, workouts, and challenges for this 30 day workout schedule that I am currently doing!

                  I claimed the badge!

                  You are always an inspirational source for me and I highly value your experience and expertise about exercises, including your helpful wisdom and knowledge that you share concerning the DAREBEE website!

                  Thank you again for your help!


                    DD 2 minutes overhead clench/unclench : Done with EC


                      August 2nd: 50 Plank Knee-to-elbows +EC
                      (97 - 96 +EC)


                        j5f6r5y congratulations not only the DD but also the DD+ badge

                        August 2nd
                        50 Plank Knee-to-elbows

                        Have a great day!


                          August 2nd: 50 Plank Knee-to-elbows
                          Done with EC


                            August 2nd, 2020

                            50 Plank Knee-to-Elbows + Extra Credit (DD 659)

                            Everybody, be safe and healthy, and have a fantastic day!


                              Congratulations j5f6r5y to 50 DD + EC
                              ONE MORE TIME AND YOU HAVE 100 Keep on going!

                              Daily dare for today is 50 knee to elbow = done with EC ( no 309 )


                                j5f6r5y Congrats on 50 DDs with EC

                                Now time to go for the 100 DDs!